November 20th, 2005


Jackass Thompson

Jack Thompson is like a rabid pit bull that has somehow discovered evangelism against the video game industry. Like Dracula's Renfield, his obsession with the cockroaches of the computer gaming industry has long since eroded any sense of rational intellect or socially appropriate behavior. The violent scale of his irrational and caustic outbursts puts the everyday humdrum behavior of the average violent video game addict to shame. Worse, he is a sue happy lawyer that uses threats, intimidation, and the legal system to coerce any and all who disagree with his methods. After all, he, and he alone, is righteous, and the rest of us are just mindless puppets controlled by our addiction to the subliminal messages contained in violent video games and mass media. In chronological order:Please make it stop.

Financially stuck in Nowhere Town

Imagine being a jobless young man in Olympia, Washington, with minimal resources, and you're new to the area. You've got some professional work experience to further your career, but you're looking for that next step that will solidify your place in not just supporting existing systems, but designing and implementing them.
Olympia, population 42,514, is about 1/13th the size of Seattle (population 563,374, not including the suburbs of either metropolitan area). Seattle is slightly smaller than Austin, with a population of 656,652 (though it may not look it). Seattle, which has 50% more tech jobs that Austin, is an hour and a half away from Olympia, where I live. Tacoma (population 193.556) is about 45 minutes, and it is along the way.
I mention city population and distances because Tacoma and Seattle are where all of the tech jobs are because they are large cities, and Olympia, where I am stuck, has far less to choose from because of its meager size. Olympia, has far less to choose from, and not just job-wise. The social scene with its nightclubs, gaming stores, and upscale technology outlets, are all in Seattle. I wouldn't want to actually live within Seattle (which is significantly more costly than everywhere else around here), but I definately want to live close by so I can work and play there.
How in the Hell am I supposed to get there without the resources to pull it off??? How in the Hell am I to get those resources if all of the jobs are there??? I wouldn't mind spending three hour minimum on the road a day for a week (which does not include traffic jams and other complications), but I could not last much beyond that. I would need to move to Seattle as soon as possible after acquiring a job there, but I doubt I could afford security, first, and last on an apartment when I may not get my first pay check for four weeks. Whatever company I'd be working for may even decide to let me go 4 days after signing the lease! I know I can't afford the mental stress of being on the road for half of my work day in addition to my work day, every day for a month.
I feel like I'm trapped in a God forsaken hick town, and while Olympia may be far from that in actuality, it sure feels that way.
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