December 9th, 2005


Ha! I told you so!

Okay... that was a Rush Limbaugh-esque observation bordering on arrogant, but when you're right...

Some time ago, I blogged about the evils of Bush's Faith Based Initiative - the funneling of tax payer's dollars to fund religious based charity efforts, and the troubles that could result.

The Salvation Army is being sued for sexual and religious discrimination.

Part of the law suit also accuses The Salvation Army of coaching religious moral objectives behind a veil of "charity". (Just like I said religious faith based chairty organizations do.)

    An internal Salvation Army document indicated that in exchange for its (public) support (of the Bush Administration), "which included plans for an Army-sponsored $100,000 public relations campaign," the charity would receive assurances that any bill passed by Congress would contain a provision allowing religious charities to sidestep state and local anti-discrimination measures barring discriminatory hiring practices on the basis of sexual orientation.

In related news, convicted drug user forced to convert religions through government sponsored religious organization's "drug rehab" program.

Thanks to primalchaos for pointing both of these stories out.


I've been looking at the follow-up commentary blogs that respond to the main-stream news media articles that are listed in Memeorandum, and I've seen a fair representation in those supplementary blogs from both the left and the right. primalchaos has pointed out that the headlines themselves (at least I think that is where he is looking) appear to lean strongly to the right. If the software behind the site is truly unbiased, then things should change over time. Yet almost every single one of those main articles are coming out of the main-stream media. Does this simply demonstrate main-stream media itself is heavily biased, as I've always suspected?

I've also seen stories from PBS and the BBC, and I am confident that the BBC leans left (refreshingly so).

Is Memeorandum biased, or is it the main-stream media outlets?

I'm paying closer attention now, and I've been watching it. Additional opinions are welcome.