Post Conditional (postconditional) wrote,
Post Conditional

I wanna be a Jedi...

There's a Kid Rock parody in there somewhere.

I don't think George Lucas is molding his own poop into plastic molds anymore. I think he has 15 year olds in China to do that for him now.

What do you do when not even the poop is authentic George Lucas?

I'm actually a bit excited by the up-coming Kinect Star Wars game.

I'm not even sure if I care if Kinect Star Wars will be any good. Just the idea of being able to motion Force Powers at some animated Storm Troopers and send them flying against the wall gets me excited, and it's a lot healthier than kicking the cat.

It doesn't even have to be challenging. Look! I just raised my hands at the screen lifted that crashed space ship as part of the script! Did you see that?!

I don't care if the graphics suck or if I can count the polygons that make up each Battle Droid or if the game play is either boring, repetitive, and non-challenging. The Jedi Kid me (who has never heard the term Padowan or cares) wants to seriously do this.

...all while humming along to The Tune, off-key.

I'm not a huge fan-boy. The action figures I have now are molded and pre-posed, and they're one of the only pieces of merchandise I own (although I had to have the Yoda Magic 8 Ball). Shelling out money to actually relive my childhood would be worth it.

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