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Internet trickery.

Apartment search engines have a bit of a bad reputation. Few of them are (hassle) free, the only apartments that they list are the ones that paid for the privilege, and by the time you contact the apartment complex for that $450 economy suite of your dreams, it has coincidentally "just been sold, but would you like the $650 economy suite instead?"

I've been helping a friend of mine gather intelligence on the Seattle area. This is the shorter version of "How to use apartment finding web sites to find apartment complexes that they will not list" advice I gave.

So you want an apartment next to a city bus route stop? No problem...
  1. Find the apartment search engines that list bus routes in the amenities or accept keyword searches for 'bus'.
  2. Strip down their results to a list of mailing addresses.
  3. Use Google Maps to find "apartments near [the_street_address_you_found]". (search example: apartments near 1000 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA).
You can do the same thing in Yahoo! Yellow Pages, but it takes a few more clicks and a few more page reloads to get there. (I also got more search results displayed at once.)

Thanks go to amezuki for the initial apartment searching tip (using Yahoo! Yellow Pages to find apartments next to the Taco Bell off of Xth Street and Y.).

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